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I discovered David Thai's impressive glass bowls in New York in early 2011 and am delighted to introduce them to the friends of Saper Galleries.  They are majestic due to their large scale, wide open form, their grand depth, richness of color and the luminescence of the silver foil leafing that he imports from Japan.
Green bowl 8
                      x 18"
David states that "whether I am creating a blown glass vessel or a piece of glass sculpture, my focus is on both the creation of a timeless design with a contemporary style and a high level of technical skill.  I aim toward creating objects that beautify their surroundings."

The artist is Chinese Canadian and emigrated from Vietnam in 1985.  He completed his business degree at Toronto's Ryerson University in 1998 and went on to pursue Glassblowing at Sheridan College (in Canada) where he graduated from the Crafts and Design Glass Program in 2002.  Upon graduating, David was accepted as a full-time Resident of Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.  There he had been both a Resident and an Instructor of Glassblowing.

After three years at Harbourfront Centre, in 2005 David moved to the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario and since 2008 he creates his work and instructs glassblowing at the Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery in Kingston Ontario.

For impact, boldness, yet serenity and simplicity, the glass vessels of David Thai are highly desirable and quite unique.  When I first discovered them I felt their energy and brilliance.  I hope that you will visit us to see them in person and possibly enjoy having one in your collection as a centerpiece for your home or office.

Should you have any questions about the David Thai bowls, please email to ask me!  You can see more on David's site here.

You may also enjoy the hand-blown glass of our other glass artists: Bryon Sutherland and Rick Hunter.

Thank you for your interest!    ~ Roy Saper

Green bowl with silver leafing
8 x 18"

Red vessel 10x22"
Red bowl with silver leafing
10 x 22"
Sorry, no longer available.  $1,320

Darl Blue 9 1/2 x 23 1/2"
Dark blue bowl with silver leafing
9 1/2 x 23 1/2"
Sorry, sold for $1,320

10 x 24" dark grey vessel
Dark gray bowl with silver leafing
On display in our east gallery!
10 x 24"

Blue 8 1/2 x 20"
Blue bowl with silver leafing
8 1/2 x 20"
Sorry, sold for $825

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