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If you want an artwork by Dr. Seuss, we will send it to you!

Ted's Cat 50th
          anniversary print
Ted's Cat
In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Cat in the Hat!
Although the print is sold out from the publisher, we have one of the rare 155 Collaborator's Proofs (CP 92/155)
Framed and ready to hang.
Want this?!  Contact us to confirm availability and details!

Dr. Seuss Horton
                  line drawing
Horton Line Drawing is adapted posthumously from the pre-production large-scale illustration for the 1954 book Horton Hears a Who! In inventory and on display now! Contact us for details of this sold out print!

                  Seuss Happy Grasshopper on a Mushroom
Happy Grasshopper on a Mushroom is in inventory and on display now! Contact us for details of this print!
                  Seuss Waterfall
Waterfall is adapted posthumously from the original Dr. Seuss waterfall and color pencil on board. In inventory and on display now! Contact us for details of this print!
Dr. Seuss Lorax 50th
                  anniversary print
Lorax 50th Anniversary print is the most recent release of Dr. Seuss limited edition prints.

Knox in box. Fox in socks.
Knox in box,  Fox in Socks. is a recent release of Sr. Seuss limited edition prints.

One Fish
                  Two Fish Dr. Seuss 60th Anniversary print
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is a 2020 release of the 60th Anniversary prints.  See it here.

Antlered Animal Adoring Pink-Tufted Small Beast
Antlered Animal Adoring Pink Tufted Small Beast is a 2020 Dr. Seuss limited edition for you!  More about it here!

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and
                  Ham 60th Anniversary print
Green Eggs and Ham 60th Anniversary is a 2019 Dr. Seuss limited edition for you!  More about it here!

Seuss Out of the Box
                  Came Thing Two and Thing One
Out of the Box Came Thing One and Thing Two is a 2019 Dr. Seuss limited edition.  More about it here!

Dr. Seuss' The Cat's Quizzer
The Cat's Quizzer is a 2019 Dr. Seuss release.  Click here to read all about it!

Dr. Seuss Love and Music
Love and Music is a 2019 Dr. Seuss limited edition release.  Read more about it here!

Cat in the Cradle
Cat in the Cradle Doing Cat's in the Cradle is a 2019 Dr. Seuss limited edition release.  Read more about it here!

Minor Cta Miner
Click here to read about the 2019 Dr. Seuss limited edition, Minor-Cat Miner in a High-Yield Emerald Mine!

Do you
                  like green eggs and ham?
Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham? is a 2018 pair of Seuss limited editions.

Chase in the
Chase in the Forest is a 2017 Seuss limited edition.  Read about it here!

                  Yawning Cat
The Yawning Cat is a 2017 limited edition Dr. Seuss release!

The Lorax Comes to Saper Galleries!
Enjoy a display of Lorax and other Dr. Seuss artwork now on display in our west gallery.  This link shows the titles of what we have here today.  And here is a news article about the display.  Enjoy! 

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Saper
Galleries opened the exhibition The Art of Dr. Seuss - Graphics and Sculpture November 2, 2008.  The public was invited to enjoy this very special and exciting exhibition at no charge, a courtesy from Saper Galleries!    The exhibition was scheduled to end Sunday, January 4, 2009 but was extended an additional 4 months due to the continued phenomenal daily attendance during the prior two months.  We can still send to you artwork from a very large selection of Dr. Seuss art available and ready for shipping anywhere in the world.

Click here for a copy of the exhibition invitation which includes a brief essay by gallery owner Roy Saper on Dr. Seuss and the art that is on display.

Click here for everything Dr. Seuss.

Cat Behind the Hat book
The Cat Behind the Hat is the newest and most complete book that you will want to have on the art of Dr. Seuss.  Now in inventory and ready for us to ship to you where ever you are!  $75 plus shipping.

Dr. Seuss Katz
Archbishop Katz is a 2016 limited edition Dr. Seuss release!

And a trunk just like this!
And a Trunk Just Like This! is a 2016 release based on Horton Hatches the Egg, written 75 years ago!

Green Cat In Uleaborg Finland Subway
The Green Cat in Uleaborg Finland Subway is a 2015 release of the Dr. Seuss limited edition artwork.

I Like them Sam I Am
I Like Them Sam I Am is a 2014 limited edition print release of Dr. Seuss imagery.

Hop Pop Top
Hop Pop Top is a 2014 limited edition release!

Firebird is a 2014 limited edition release!

Horton 60th Anniversary print
The Horton 60th Anniversary Edition print was published in 2014.  Here is more information on Horton!

Orient Cat Dr. Seuss (deluxe
Wisdom of the Orient Cat deluxe edition is a 2009 rare Dr. Seuss.  It measures 62" tall!

Seuss guests
                              March 3, 2012

Seuss art displayed March, 2012

Lorax at Saper Galleries

                          in the Hat sculpture
This Cat in the Hat large sculpture is available at a discounted price from a private seller.  Interested?  Email us for details!

Oh, the Places You'll Go! bronze
Oh, the Places You'll Go! bronze sculpture is now available!  Based on Dr. Seuss' final book with more than 10 million sold.

Worm Burning Bright in the Darkness in
                          the Night
Worm Burning Bright in the Darkness of the Night is the most recent of the Dr. Seuss limited editions based on his lifetime paintings, this one from 1969.

Oh, the Places You'll Go Portfolio
A nine-image portfolio celebrating the 25th anniversary of Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Kangaroo Bird is one of the more delightful sculptures in the Dr. Seuss unorthodox taxidermy series.  This one is on display and available today!

Fox in Socks
Fox in Socks 50th Anniversary Print

I ALWAYS Pick Up All My Play-things is a newest Seuss drawing release, 14 x 19" based on his original drawing in The Cat in the Hat!

Talk Talk
Talk Talk Talk was the cover of PM magazine in 1941.

There's so so much to read
There's So So Much to Read! is based on the artwork in I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

Good news!  We have just one left of the 42 seven-foot tall two-sided lamp post banners that were displayed throughout downtown East Lansing November, 2008 through January, 2009.   As shown below, on one side was Green Eggs and Ham and on the other side was The Cat in the Hat!   We do have a limited number of banners still available from our Picasso and Hessam Abrishami exhibitions.  Want a banner?  Contact us!

Green Eggs
                    and Ham Banner
Read The Lansing State Journal's preview of  the exhibition here.

                    Galleries Dr. Seuss banner

Read this from The New Citizen's Press.
Cat in the Hat
Read the Lansing CityPulse exhibition review here.

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The GrinchSo what will you see at this exhibition?  Click here for an overview of the illustration art, the secret art, the archive collection, his "unorthodox taxidermy", and bronzes!  From that overview follow the links to see the actual art (and description and prices) of what is now on display here at The Art of Dr. Seuss - Graphics and Sculpture!
You may reserve any of the art shown at the linked pages by contacting us.

 For more information on Dr. Seuss, click on the underlined links below:
Unorthodox Taxidermy

1.    Introduction to the book Dr. Seuss - From Then to Now (2 pages)

2.    Maurice Sendak's introduction in the book The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss (1 page)

3.   Brief chronology of Dr. Seuss' life, publications, and achievements (2 pages)

4.   Brief biographical summary of Seuss' life and summary of publications (2 pages)

5.   Extensive biography on Seuss' early years and career, life and interests, later years, and legacy (9 pages)

Dr. Seuss art
That we can send to you include the following (among others):

Illustration Art (Images from Dr. Seuss Books)
A Plethora of Fish (now sold out)
A Plethora of Flowers
And a Trunk Just Like This
Black Fish Blue Fish Old Fish New Fish
(now sold out)
Earth Friendly Lorax (now sold out)
Flower Fish
Fox in Socks
Fox in Socks 50th Anniversary Print
Green Eggs and Ham Inside Cover (now sold out)
Green Eggs and Ham 50th Anniversary Print (now sold out)
Grinch at Mt. Crumpit (now sold out)
Happy Birthday Book Cover (single available)
Hop Pop Top!
Horton, the Speck-Voice was Talking! (now sold out)
Horton Hears a Who 60th Anniversary Print
Horton Line Drawing (now sold out)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Book Cover
I ALWAYS Pick Up My Play-Things
I Am Sam (now sold out)
I Like Them, Sam-I-Am
I Like to Eat Cake in a Tub (now sold out)
If Santa could do it, then so could the Grinch
Kid, You'll Move Mountains! (now sold out)
King of the Pond (now sold out)
Little Cats B, C, and A
Lorax Book Cover (now sold out)
Oh, the Places You'll Go! (now sold out)
Oh, the Places You'll Go! 25th Anniversary Portfolio
Oh, the Stuff You Will Learn (now sold out)
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (now sold out)
Racing North to Get Cool
 Sam I Am (diptych now sold out, single available)
Sawfish With Such a Long Snout (now sold out)
Singing Cats and The Art of Dr. Seuss Book (now sold out)
Star-Belly Friends (now sold out)
Sneetches 50th Anniversary Print
Stars Upon Thars
Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Ted's Cat 50th Anniversary Print (now sold out)
The Bee Watcher
The Cat That Changed the World (now sold out)
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
There's So, So Much to Read
These Things are Good Things (diptych sold out, single available)
They Proved They Are Persons No Matter How Small
They've All Gone to Bed in the Beds of their Choices
Thing 1 and Thing 2 (now sold out)
This Sound Sounded Merry
Triple-Sling Jigger
Turtle Tower
Up-Up With a Fish (now sold out)
We Like to Hop on Top of Pop (now sold out)
We Looked! Then We Saw Him
(diptych sold out, single available)
Would You? Could You?  In a Car?
Yertle the Turtle

Secret Art and Archive Art
Abduction of the Sabine Woman
After Dark in the Park
A Prayer for a Child (now sold out)
Alley Cat for a Very Long Alley
(now sold out)
Artist Worrying About His Next Book (now sold out)
Booby Trap
Cat Behind the Hat
Cat Carnival in West Venice (now sold out)
 Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town
Cat From the Wrong Side of the Tracks (now sold out)
Cuddle Fish (now sold out)
Fooling Nobody (now sold out)
  Freebird (now sold out)
Gosh!  Do I Look as Old as All That!
Green Cat in Uleaborg Findland Subway

Greenish Cat on Pinkish Pot
Green Cat with Lights (now sold out)
Happy Grasshopper on a Mushroom
I'd Love to Go to the Party But I'm Absolutely Dead! (now sold out)
Incidental Music for a New Year's Eve Party
Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Salmon
Knotty Problem of Capitol Hill
Lion Stroll

Manly Art of Self Defense
Martini Bird (now sold out)
Pinkish Cat on Greenish Pot
Raising Money for the Arts
Relaxed in Spite of It (now sold out)
Self Portrait As a Young Man Shaving (now sold out)
Sunbathing Bird
Surly Cat Being Ejected
That Winter Spring Came Late
The Facts of Life
The Rather Odd Myopic Woman Riding Piggyback on One of Helen's Many Cats (now sold out)
The Stag at Eve
  Tower of Babel (now sold out)
Venetian Cat Singing Oh Solo Meow (now sold out)
View from a Window of a Rented Beach Cottage
Wisdom of the Orient Cat (Deluxe edition only)
Worm Burning Bright in the Forest in the Night
Unorthodox Taxidermy Art
  Andoluvian Grackler (now sold out)
Anthony Drexel Goldfarb
Carbonic Walrus
Flaming Herring
Gimlet Fish
Kangaroo Bird
Mulberry Street Unicorn (now sold out)
Sawfish (now sold out)
Sea-Going Dilemma Fish (now sold out)
Semi-Normal Green-Lidded Fawn (now sold out)
Sludge Tarpon
The Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast (now sold out)
The Turtle-Necked Sea-Turtle

Table Top Bronze Sculptures
Green Eggs and Ham
Have No Fear
Horton Hears a Who (stainless)
Oh, the Places You'll Go
The Lorax
Turtle Tower

Large Scale Bronze Sculptures
Green Eggs and Ham
The Cat in the Hat
The Grinch and Max
The Lorax
Turtle Tower

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A selection of Comments Written in the Gallery's Dr. Seuss Exhibit Guest Book

Worth the drive!   Cindy (Prescott, Arizona)

Doesn't get any better -- thanks.   Paula (Lansing, Michigan)

Thank you.  What a gift to our community.   Judith (Okemos, Michigan)

This is brilliant.   Lincoln (Lansing, Michigan)

You've done it again, Roy!   Jim, Kathy (East Lansing, Michigan)

Breathtaking   Mary (Holt, Michigan)

I have never seen anything like this before!   Katy

So informative!  The books were an extra nice touch!   Steven

Enchanting.   Veronica and Gerry

Very well display!  I loved it!   Whitney

Uplifting.  Jory
Fun.  Inspiring.   Sherry

Very cool!   Jan (Birch Run, Michigan)

Something special.   Aaron (East Lansing, Michigan)

I liked it here, I liked it there, I liked it almost everywhere!   Randall (Holt, Michigan)

Thank you, Roy - you are a treasure.   Joel and Helene (Haslett, Michigan)

This rocked.  Danielle

Insight into a creative mind.   Brittani

Greatest exhibit ever   Frank and Cindy (Lansing, Michigan)

Exceptional!  Theda (Weirton, WV)

Thank you so much!  So enjoyable.   Mike and Lynnette (Holt, Michigan)

Fantastic - had no idea of the expansiveness of his career.   Alicia

Supreme!   Carol (Lansing, Michigan)

Yea!  Great exhibit.   Danna and Danny (East Lansing, Michigan)

Treat to see the spread of his lifetime!   Ann

I listen to the trees   James

Great Seuss exhibit - thanks   Dottee (Lansing, Michigan)

Best exhibit ever   Joe

I remember the Flit ads!   Carrie (East Lansing, Michigan)

Inspirational   Ali (East Lansing, Michigan)

The love of my childhood   Jeanette (East Lansing, Michigan)

Another great exhibit!  Thank you !!   Denise

Fantastical!  Marvelously Seussical!   Leah (Davison, Michigan)

What a gift to be able to see this!   Tom and Betty (Lansing, Michigan)

This is the best!   Mary (Belleville, Michigan)

Marvelous!   Peggy, Leo, and Christina (East Lansing, Michigan)

This is really neat.  Thanks!   Kara (Saginaw, Michigan)

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a wonderful gallery talk.  [My students] came away energized and full of questions. Great job. I was personally impressed with the amount of research you had done. Wow.  Thanks again Roy, it was a great experience for our students.  Brian (Lansing Community College)

You've done it again!  Fabulous exhibition!   Deb (Okemos, Michigan)

Absolutely amazing!   Dean (Mason, Michigan)

Greater than expectations  Linda, Janet, and Kathy (Dimondale, Michigan)

What a creative person.  Aylene (Columbia, Maryland)

You continue to outdo yourself.   Marge (East Lansing, Michigan)

Thank you.  This is fabulous!  Karen (Haslett, Michigan)

Wonderful!  Stephanie (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Great memories.  Martha (Kirby, United Kingdom)

Beautiful exhibit!  Thank you!  Steven

Impressive.   Kumiko

Absolutely wonderfully great!!!  Kristie (East Lansing, Michigan)

Really cool and interesting!  Nate

Thanks for having this!  Jennifer

Never knew the extent of his work!  Michaela

Thank you for the memories!  George

Beautifully nostalgic.   Rachel (Palmer, Alaska)

Great fun!  Takes me back two generations.  Julia

Really grand!  Roberta (Williamston, Michigan)

So cool and interesting!  Lydia

Fantastigorical!  Ken (Eagle, Michigan)

What an incredible exhibit!   Mary (Lansing, Michigan)

What a genius!   Susan (Massachusetts)

Super better than green eggs!   Marion (Lansing, Michigan)

I love to see the depth behind the books I know and love.  Melissa (Lansing, Michigan)

What great fun!  Thank you!  Alicia

Seuss, Seuss, wild and loose!!  Dean (Lansing, Michigan)

Amazing, coming back soon!   Loran

A fanciful experience!  Thanks!  Donna (East Lansing, Michigan)

Fantastic.   Jinyoung (Okemos, Michigan)

Absolutely lovely!   Angelique (Ashland, Wisconsin)

Nice compilation.  Robin

Excellent display of many examples!   Bob and Betty (Mason, Michigan)

Great exhibit!   Josh and Eva (East Lansing, Michigan)

The exhibit enlightened our hearts -- thanks!   Sharon and Betty

Great exhibits bring family together.   Maryhelen (East Lansing, Michigan)

Outstanding!   David and Janelle

Wonderfully fun.   Sharon and David (Ashland, Massachusetts)

This is great!!   Michelle and Paul (Lansing, Michigan)

We loved it!  Thank you!   Eric and Jill (Lansing, Michigan)

Fascinating.   Tom, James, Maggie (Lansing, Michigan)

Incredible!  Thank you!   Anna (Holland, Michigan)

I don't even have words -- Thank you!   Ariel (Lansing, Michigan)

Love it!   Denise

Really neat!   Bob and Judy (East Lansing, Michigan)

It was delightful.   John and Joy (Rochester, Michigan)

It was awesome.   Bob (Reed City, Michigan)

Superb!   Kaye (Lansing, Michigan)

Sweet!   Kira (Vancouver, Washington)

Top notch!   Emily

What a great treat!   Carol and Ken

Brought back old memories!  Bill

Wow!   Meg

I had no idea!   Steve

Great show, what fun!   Steve

Revolutionary!   Dein (Lansing, Michigan)

This is wonderful!  Great memories!   Pete and Jill (Marion, Indiana)

Amazing, very interesting.   Leslie

Oh the memories it brings!   Alan and Shirley (Okemos, Michigan)

Makes me feel a child again!   Ethel

Fantastic to get to see this!  Thanks!   Phil and Christine (Bath, Michigan)

A wonderful exhibit!   Jeremy (Portland, Oregon)

Lovely!   Susan

Very cool!!!   Ryan

A privilege.   Margaret

Wonderseussical!   Susan

Love his work!   Kay

Oh the places you'll go!   Joy and Christine

Dr. Seuss Rox My Sox!  Like Fox!   Danielle

So great!  Framing is special.   Barbara (Jackson, Michigan)

Cool!!    Taishe (Japan)

Dr. Seuss Rocks!   (Chicago)

Thank you!   Wonderful opportunity.   Kevin and Tammy (East Lansing, Michigan)

The Dr. is in!   Vincent (Williamston, Michigan)

Kinda like Aunt May riding an armadillo.   William (East Lansing, Michigan)

Truly amazing.   Britni (East Lansing, Michigan)

Charmed, delighted, educated!   Joan (Flint, Michigan)

Awesome!  I'm coming back with a camera.   Jesse (Haslett, Michigan)

Brought me back to my childhood!   Ben (East Lansing, Michigan)

Cool learning experience.   Emily

Fantastic -- gorgeous colors!   Ann (Okemos, Michigan)

Woah...intensity.   Shelby (Dansville, Michigan)

Very interesting, great stuff!!!   John (East Lansing, Michigan)

I love this art!   Carter (East Lansing, Michigan)

Wow!   Incredible!!!   Scott and Deb

So special!   Jackie (Pennsylvania)

Our favorite was the sawfish!   (East Lansing, Michigan)

Tremendous!!   Melanie (Bath, Michigan)

Overwhelming.   Gaby (East Lansing, Michigan)

We'll be back with grandchildren!   John and Trena (Okemos, Michigan)

Absolutely awesome!   Teresa (Perry, Michigan)

Bravo!   Sue and Henry (Plymouth Meeting, PA)

Very compelling, thanks!   Denora (Lansing, Michigan)

Always great exhibits.   Thanks!   Marje (East Lansing, Michigan)

Wonderful, as always!  Thank you!   Lou Anne (Midddleton, Michigan)

Love Dr. Seuss' art!  Amazing!   Liz (East Lansing, Michigan)

Brought back memories!  Thanks!   Heidi (East Lansing, Michigan)

Amazing!   A day well spent!   Elizabeth

Seuss is something amazing.   Sarah (East Lansing, Michigan)

Pure delight and genius!   Bill (St. Johns, Michigan)

Very ingenious.   Kari and Tim (Charlotte, Michigan)

An amazing exhibit.   Stephanie (Haslett, Michigan)

And more from visitors to the exhibition from Japan; the United Kingdom; Chugiak and Soldotna, AK; Auburn, AL; Prescott, AZ; Manhattan Beach, Livermore, Los Angeles, and Napa, CA; Glastonbury, CT; Longmont, CO; Washington, DC; Glenwood, FL; Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL; Fillmore and Ft. Wayne, IN;  Kansas City, KS; Ashland, MA; St. Louis, MO; New Brighton, Minneapolis, Redwood Falls, and Rochester, MN; New Brunswick, NJ; Albuquerque, NM; Fairport and New York City, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Portland, OR; Philadelphia, PA; Johnson City, TN; Rainier and Vancouver, WA; Germantown, WI; Weirton, WV; and throughout the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan and elsewhere!

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